Left’s discomfort in the ruling alliance: what loses out is the class politics

The recent political turmoil, if one wants to term it so, in India leaves certain questions for us to ponder over. It once again raises the question whether it was appropriate for the left to be part of an alliance whic unequivocally voiced interests of the ruling class against the masses and especially the working class.

History has time and again shown how the support of the Left has been effectively used to further the rule of capital. Excuses and justifications for such a support appear – fear of religious sectarianism and spectres of right wing’s violence and hatred haunt. But in order to keep such forces at bay how far does one justify increasing unemployment, inflation, mindless privatisation of public sector and anti-labour stance of the state have been some of the questions that need to be dealt with.

Class politics takes backseat as the dominant Indian Left gets stranded in the web of non/anti-working class political game.