Reshuffling is not Changing

There has been a ministry reshuffle in India. Some ministers have been dropped and some have changed chairs. The media, as it is destined to do, has been uselessly debating its repercussions, as if corruption will go away or if POSCO will be asked to leave because the tribals have been opposing it. Or, furthermore, the TV glued consumers are being told as if cabinet reshuffles undo fundamental laws of capitalism that thrives on the idea of exploitation and expansion of capital at human cost. The prices of petrol will no doubt soar high, inflation will be staggering and the price of survival will continue to spiral. There will be no respite from the demonic claws of private capital. We all will increasingly continue to be subjected to its ruthless repression.

The cabinet reshuffles have one and only one purpose – to hide the ugliness of the system, to tell us, once again, in a much more beautifully fabricated idiom that the state cares for its people. We are supposed to be bought by it as much as by the bogus activism of a minister who tried telling us he can set things right by ordering some enquiries, protecting environment and then conditionally allow exploitation of natural resources by private capital.

It is a bubble that needs to be bursted. But who will burst it and how is the question. The bubble that ‘Indians have prospered’, the bubble that ‘state is more and more committed to the development of its people’. All are bubbles as much as the 100 days agenda of the UPA regime. The energetic Ministers could do nothing more than creating a evanescent halo that has allowed the deeply ingrained anti-people state-market collusion to work freely. The bubbles must burst because only then would it reveal the underbelly of the capital’s machinations and its inhuman world – the ugly world of hunger and deprivation, and the witch-craft of hypnotizing and enticing market.