Beyond the Blinding Haze of Corruption Battles!

Some have already started pondering whether Anna Hazare himself or an agitation on his lines could be used to highlight the issue of establishing a Common School System or for some other welfare measures that concern the downtrodden. My conviction that it is impossible emanates primarily from the analysis of the so-called amorphous ‘civil society’ which is essentially liberal bourgeois in character. What would one expect from a ‘movement’ (??) which relies heavily on the corporate sector – from a doctor who would love to deprive millions of Indians of primary healthcare and promote privatization of health facilities to collecting enormous amount from them as donations?

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It’s Official – US-Based Ford Foundation Funding Anna’s Movement

The recent hue and cry raised about the “foreign hand” in the Anna Hazare-led ‘mass’ movement seems to have got answers in reply to a query filed by BeyondHeadlines under the Right to Information (RTI) to Manish Sisodia’s brainchild Kabir. Kabir had revealed that it had received funding from various sources, including the controversial Michigan (United States)-based Ford Foundation.

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Beware ! You could trampled by them

Yesterday one could see in Delhi University a rally: youths on motorcycles and open jeeps, vidographying themselves, dancing like mad and bringing back memories of those days when the ABVP members would boisterously march on streets after election victories threatening to ride over you if you do not go with them. They were wearing white ‘gandhi’ caps, now available in market, and holding the ‘holy’ national flag.

Roads in Delhi will tell you the kind of support that Hazare is getting – youth enjoying the few days of free license for lupenism wrapped in tricolour. Hoards of school children in buses and trucks pouring in. I only hope they have at least some inkling of what they are there for, apart from some freedom from the oppressive school.