Greece: People Reject the Obstinacy of Capital

Despite the efforts by the Corporate Capital directly as well as indirectly the Greeks have stood up against the bullying by European powers. Veiled and open threats, that would nowhere be termed democratic, unless bourgeois democracy would mean in its ultimate run a rule by corporate capital, failed to diminish the spirit of Greeks against the austerity. It is not the victory of political coalition as much as it is an assertion by people – the pauperised masses – against the brutality of capital. It has also proven that there is no disconnection between being radical in thought and action. The idea of brutality and callousness of capital translates into a rebellion irrespective of what lies in future. This is also not so much to ponder over what future holds except that the popular won’t tolerate suffering beyond a point. It would, however, pose a challenge to how Left consolidates this upheaval and how it fights, in a non-sectarian way, the monster of capitalism. And this is what makes Merkel and her likes nervous. As the solidarity protestor on streets of Portugal said: “we were not so courageous as the Greeks when the same happened to us”. What if courage extends to the suffering masses in Spain and Portugal?

This may or may not trigger a similar rebuttal of austerity measures – basically another name to compel people to suffer to ensure that private capital continues its insatiable run to devour the labour of masses. But this would definitely force the people around the world the possibility to stand against the bullying by banks, states and their patrons – the private capital. The imagination of another world is alive in the In the minds of people vis-a-vis the TINA syndrome forced upon us. The times for a global solidarity are most urgently needed.