We do not walk alone

Walking not alone
But with innumerable others
Talking occasionally
Of where we were
And where we will be
Whether we will also perish
Like the one
whose body could not carry him for long
Like those young lives
Which were lost in transit

I don’t walk alone
I walk with my comrades
All of us enslaved
by the shimmer of cities
by false hopes of a better life
by the wicked king
who hypnotised
us with his rhetoric
of religion, nation and friendship

Why do we,
Who built those penthouses
Those iconic metros
Those beautiful gardens
Nurtured those flowers
Brought ‘life’
to the emaciated, lifeless urban life,
Have to run away
Hungry, diseased, unsure and impoverished

We are not alone
Look at the roads
The buses and trains
Our number
Generates fear among Them
They beg us to stay back
For who would
Deliver them their lives
Who would stand quiet
Like lifeless slaves while the master shouts
Who would service their existence

The spring will again come
Not with us walking like this
The Gulmohar will blossom
With the bright Amaltas
Along those streets
Which we built
The sun will not take our lives
Sucking every bit of whatever is left within us
That Spring will be brought by us
By our refusal to work
Refusal to be led
Refusal to be oppressed
Refusal to be silent

1st May 2020

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